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About Savanur

Savanur is a town located in Haveri District of Karnataka State. Savanur, an erstwhile princely state, is located in the northern part of Haveri District. The nearby places to Savanur are Shiggaon, Yalvigi, Bankapur and Kalival. Haveri, the district headquarters is located about 23 km away from Savanur.

Tourist Places in Savanur

The nearest airport of Savanur is the Hubli Airport which is located about 57 km away from Savanur. Savanur Railway Station is only 8 km away from the town. The other railway stations near to Savanur are Yalvigi, Kalsur and Kalas Halt railway stations.

History of Savanur

Savanur was a princely state of pre-independent India and was included within Bombay Presidency. Later on this state was included in Deccan States Agency. The Muslim Rulers of Savanur State were the descendents of Abdul Karim Khan who was an Afghan serving the Mughal Rulers. Abdul Karim Khan got a grant in 1672 from the Muslim rulers. Half of Savanur’s Territory was included within the territory of Maratha Rulers by 2nd half of 18th CE.

History of Savanur

During the end of 18th CE, remainder part of Savanur came under the control of Reign of Tipu Sultan. When Tipu Sultan died in 1799, Savanur became independent with its one-third territory. Savanur became got protection for the British India after Maratha Confederacy was destructed in 1818. In 1948, Savanur became part of Indian Union.

Demographics of Savanur

The population of Savanur is about 40, 567 and percentage of males in Savanur is 52% and percentage of females in Savanur is about 48%. The average literacy rate of Savanur is about 49%.

Tourist Places in and around Savanur

The spectacular tourist attraction of Savanur is the three huge Baobab Trees located in the outskirts of this town. These are one-of-its kind tourist attraction as no such Baobab Tree is reported to exist in whole of India. The biggest Baobab Tree measures more than 18 m wide, the second largest one is more than 16 m at girth and the third tree is 14 m at girth. These trees are more than 5000 years old. According to the legends these trees were planted by Lord Krishna. A fence has been put around these Baobab trees for their protection.

Tourisat places in Savanur

Another popular tourist attraction of Savanur is the Sri Satya Bhodha Teertha.

One Day Trip from Savanur

Savanur has some of the best tourist destinations around it. These tourist places can be reached within 2-3 hours from Savanur and offers some of the most wonderful tourist spots. Read below to know about these places around Savanur.

Savanur to Hubli

Savanur to Hubli

The road distance between Hubli and Savanur is about 53 KM. You can reach Hubli from Savanur within two hours. The major attractions of historic city of Hubli are Siddharoodha Math, Asar, Bhavanishankar Temple, Unkal Lake, Asar, Glass House Garden, Gayatri Tapovan, ISKON Temple, Siddharoodha Math, Nuggikeri Hanuman Temple and Nrupatunga Betta.

Savanur to Gadag

A town with magnificent displays of Chalukya Era, Gadag is located at a distance of 67 KM from Savanur. Most of the historical and religious monuments of Gadag depict the architectural marvel of the Chalukyan Era. The most popular attraction of Gadag is the Trikuteshwara Temple, a temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu, Lord Shiva and Lord Brahma.  Other attractions of Gadag are Magadi Bird Sanctuary, Kashivishveshwara Temple, Dambala Temple and Veera Narayana Temple.

Weekend Destinations from Savanur

Read below to know about some of the best weekend destinations from Savanur. You can enjoy an exciting holiday during a small vacation at these places that are not very far off from Savanur.

Savanur to Koppal

Savanur to Koppal

The road distance between Savanur and Koppal is about 150 – 160 KM and it takes near about 4 hours to reach Koppal from Savanur. Koppal is a beautiful city surrounded by hillocks on 3 sides and is popular for its scintillating landscapes. Koppal offers numerous tourist attractions to its visitors. Popular tourist attractions of Koppal are Koppal Fort, Huligemma Temple, the Mahadeva Temple, Amriteshwara Temple, and Dodda Bapassa Temple.

Savanur to Mangalore

The road distance between Savanur and Mangalore is about 300 KM and it takes about 6 hours to reach Mangalore from Savanur. Mangalore is one of the most important commercial and tourist centers of Karnataka State. It is also an important gateway to many other places around. Important tourist attractions of Mangalore, a city situated amidst of Western Ghats and the Arabian Sea, are Sultan Battery, St. Aloysius Church, St. Mary’s Beach, Light House Hill Garden, Suratkal Beach, Ullal Dargah, Kadri Manjunath Temple and Mangalore Beach. Shopping at the local market and ultra-modern shopping malls of Mangalore is a wonderful experience in its own.  

Fact File of Savanur

Town: Savanur
District: Haveri
State: Karnataka
Area: 5.49 sq km
Latitude: 14.97 Degree North
Longitude: 75.35 Degree East
Population: 40, 567
Official Language: Kannada
Summer Temperature: 35 Degree Celsius – 45 Degree Celsius
Winter Temperature: 22 Degree Celsius – 28 Degree Celsius

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